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Knowable Magazine

In early 2019, I was Knowable Magazine's intern, where I wrote several feature stories.

Knowable Magazine: News

Under-diagnosed and under-treated, girls with ADHD face distinct risks

April 17, 2020

It took a long time to figure out how attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder presents in girls and women and the problems it can create. A pioneering study helped change that, but the condition is still often missed.

[Republished in Discover]

A world in a bottle of water

August 2, 2019

Revolutionary techniques using traces of environmental DNA are analyzing entire ecosystems “from microbes to whales”

Republished in The Monterey Herald, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Mercury News and The East Bay Times and ASBMB Today.

Also in Science Notes.

Search Inv Animals Final 300 dpi.jpg
Beet juice athletes

Drink your beets

March 7, 2019

Among the plethora of supplements that promise athletes an advantage, a natural juice gains traction as an evidence-based boost.

Republished in The Washington Post and Discover Magazine

Mixing it up in the web of life

Jan 31, 2019

Many types of marine plankton are either animal-like or plant-like. But a huge number are both, and they are upending ideas about ocean ecology.

Republished in The Scientist

The dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans causes bioluminescent blooms when coastal waters are rich i
The frozen soils of the permafrost are exposed after a storm along the coastline of Barter Island in

As climate changes, so does life in the planet’s soils

May 17, 2019

To understand what might be lost, ecologist Janet K. Jansson taps molecular methods to explore Earth’s underground microbes, from the permafrost to the grasslands

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