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March 2, 2023

Researchers, health care providers, and patients are exploring ways to mitigate implicit bias


Stories about new discoveries

“Sophisticated” new study suggests cuttlefish memories get better with age

18 AUG 2021

People with a disrupted GPR75 gene weighed less and were less likely to be obese

1 JUL 2021

Albatross eggs and chicks were flown—on economy plus—from Hawaii to Mexico to escape rising seas

29 JUN 2021

The internal structure of vertebrae made azhdarchid necks strong but light

14 APR 2021B

The trait may have evolved independently twice

25 MAR 2021

A model suggests rains boosted underground pressures and primed Kilauea for eruption in 2018

22 APR 2020

The science behind turning your body into fertile soil

18 FEB 2020

Living donors are becoming key to understanding the human brain

15 FEB 2020

Two studies find strong predictive power of microbiome in complex diseases and death

22 JAN 2020

Ancient arachnid could reveal clues about the evolution of modern scorpions and spiders

16 JAN 2020

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News about science policy and academia

Field still struggles with how to accurately describe populations, study finds

2 DEC 2021

‘It’s like a second extinction’: Retraction deepens legal and ethical battle over rare dinosaur

The specimen is in limbo as German, Brazilian partisans square off over scientific colonialism

29 SEP 2021

Federal agencies are also investigating alleged cyberattacks

27 JUL 2021

Prominent evolutionary biologist is the second to be removed from prestigious group for sexual misconduct

24 JUN 2021

Elimination of dozens of trust funds was supposed to help fight the pandemic—not invest in fossil fuels

23 JUN 2021

Conacyt faces at least 145 wrongful termination lawsuits

2 JUN 2021

Science paper stirs controversy

15 APR 2021

Obituary of Ricardo Valderrama Fernández.

19 DEC 2020

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez bolstered the country’s health system but rejected universal testing [PDF]   

9 DEC 2020

For nonnative English speakers, publishing and presenting their work can be a significant burden, as a new study highlights    [Leer en español]

28 OCT 2020

Dozens of professors depart from Yachay Tech amid conflicts that could scuttle its move toward independence

21 OCT 2020

Government seeks to eliminate funds that pay for research and use the money to help cope with the pandemic

2 OCT 2020

The pandemic has given science a chance to shine—but budget cuts in many countries threaten its future

12 AUG 2020

After years of isolation, former combatants are learning to inventory species and launch ecotourism businesses

8 JUL 2020

High-level politician suggests academy deserves retribution for publishing unwelcome COVID-19 estimates

2 JUN 2020

Devices would use negative pressure to capture virus-laden particles during medical procedures

15 MAY 2020

The public will help judge the resulting lyrics and melodies

24 APR 2020

Medical staff face high rates of anxiety and depression, emerging studies suggest

22 APR 2020

His former boss acknowledges receiving multiple accounts of sexual misconduct, but no formal complaints

17 MAR 2020

Long-running controversy had drawn extensive attention

7 FEB 2020

Critics say Mabel Gisela Torres Torres backed “pseudoscience”

3 FEB 2020

Move prompted by new threats including hypersonic weapons and fake news

23 JAN 2020

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Science Shots

Visually-driven science news

Science Magazine: News

Therapod bite scars could be evidence of an aggressive courtship behavior

10 SEP 2021


Highlighting reporting from other outlets

Large Chinese study confirms benefits of keeping salt off the table

30 AUG 2021

Researchers estimate the animal is at least 120 meters long

10 APR 2020

Giant marine animals can live for at least half a century

8 APR 2020

Lager Sylt has been shrouded in mystery for years

2 APR 2020

Scientists mimic not just the taste, but the feel, of beef

2 APR 2020

The unusual correlation could explain a marine mystery

27 FEB 2020

It’s still unclear how it gets energy

26 FEB 2020

The molecule’s structure is different from conventional drugs

21 FEB 2020

More than ozone holes: These gasses also cause warming in the north

21 JAN 2020

Most of the viruses haven’t been described before

17 JAN 2020

You are cooler than you think

7 JAN 2020

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