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The Monterey Herald

As an editorial intern at The Monterey County Herald I wrote the following stories.

The Monterey Herald: News
The jaws of two surface-feeding humpback whales snap shut around giant mouthfuls of anchovies in Mon

Scientists to team up with whale-watching crews

Feb 3, 2018

One recent foggy morning, Kate Spencer stirred the calm waters of Moss Landing Harbor when she arrived aboard the black, 33-foot boat she “drives” to work...

(Republished in The San Jose Mercury News, The Santa Cruz Sentinel and East Bay Times.)

Community science helps California’s native blackbird gain protected status

Dec 21, 2018

Local citizens helped scientists gather enough data to list the state’s tricolored blackbird as threatened, a recent study shows.

TRBL males in hand - C Wyckoff.jpg

‘Tsunami’ fish shows up in Monterey Bay

Dec 10, 2018

An exotic “tsunami fish” has been hanging out near the Monterey breakwater wall off San Carlos Beach, for the past month.

Republished in The San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times

Monterey Bay Aquarium unveils new treatment center

Nov 27, 2018

In front of a cheerful crowd, a unique kelp ribbon was cut Tuesday morning at the Monterey Bay Aquarium commemorating the Juli Plant Grainger Animal Care Center, the latest addition to the aquarium’s facilities.


Microbes shed new light on mysterious sea star disease

Nov 19, 2018

In October 2013, a devastating and mysterious disease hit the sea stars of Monterey Bay, claiming a large portion of the population.

Within a few days of catching the disease, the animals started showing white lesions, their arms started to fall off and they turned to goo before dissolving. Scientists named it “sea star wasting disease,” and nobody knew what caused it.

The river is running through it

Nov 3, 2018

In the process of removing the San Clemente Dam in 2015, workers created a pristine route for the Carmel River, complete with step pools and nicely arranged boulders.

Winter floods have since transformed the river route into anything but pristine, but the “messy” course has been good for the native steelhead.

The growing number of challenges to recycling on the Monterey Peninsula

Oct 28, 2018

For citizens and companies, recycling on the Monterey Peninsula has become more challenging.

With the closure of most of the area’s California Redemption Value recycling centers on Jan. 31, there were very few places left locally that would buy CRV containers back

A musical journey from Carmel to Hollywood

Oct 14, 2018

Brandon Roberts, who grew up in Carmel, composed the music for the newly released film “Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” a sequel to the 2015 Academy Award-nominated film “Unbroken.”

Pacific Grove welcomes community’s opinions, ideas on Shoreline Management Plan

Oct 5, 2018

Community members can now voice their opinions and propose ideas for the city’s Shoreline Management Plan.

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